The knight in the rusty armor

By Saturday April 6th, 2019blogs

The knight was caught in his armor, because after years without taking it off, it had rusted.

At last he tried to take it from her, but he did not know how. Have you ever felt suffocated by a situation, that even if you try to get out of it, you get caught? Have you felt that you have lost yourself through time and do not know how to be who you were before? Or even, have you forgotten who you used to be?

Through a metaphorical story, Robert Fisher shows us the conflict that many of us experience in our lives. Sometimes we cling to negative stimuli that have taken us away from the important things in life, or we focus on them forgetting our essence.

There are times when we can feel completely alone and lost, but Fisher shows us that with the help of others, we can find our way inside. The process to heal is not quick or easy, because we can find ourselves facing dragons or entering the Castle of Silence where we are overwhelmed by loneliness. Maybe we find ourselves talking with a voice that claims to be our inner self , or we are about to lose our sanity, because the road to happiness brings many barriers. However, we must face those fears and let ourselves be guided by those who know the way. We must allow ourselves to heal, and be happy.