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Life Skills

After a successful recovery program, how should one engage others and friends as they embark on their new journey and path to freedom? These questions often service and they are important to not only answer but create a strategy in order to overcome them.

In order to continue to expand and grow on your new journey, you are going to need a few things, a new way of doing things and what you will find is they are not only enjoyable but fulfilling. Our goal at The Equilibrium Therapeutic Center is to help our patients and clients acclimate and assimilate their surrounds so they support their efforts on the road to recovery. While you meet with us and undergo your recovery treatment you’ll learn a lot about the importance of following our life skill set program.

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Equilibrium values the kind and generous words that both professionals and patients have
shared with us. Thank you.

They helped me deal better with my traumas, become more educated about the disease of addiction, and open up more. Equilibrium staff is a great group of people who are willing to help if you are willing to change. I have strong hope after your recovery program. There is no doubt that the therapists are fantastic people. They helped me out so much and I won’t ever forget them and what they did to help me in recovery.

Alexis D., Miami, FL