Jose Antonio

By Tuesday November 20th, 2018testimonial

Due to the nature of the disease, I lasted many years in active addiction, which had me kidnapped, had made me lose from my family to my dignity, threatening to take my physical life, since the spiritual and existential had lost a while ago I was completely defeated and I knew I had little time left to live, physically and morally defeated … (I weighed 115 lbs., I had few teeth, my bones were glass, my skin was falling apart). In that moment of despair and despair, a little over five years ago, God put Hugo and Luz on my way. They planted in me the seed of recovery, a new life. They showed me the self-destructive patterns that were deeply rooted in me, guided me through an unknown path. When others did not believe in me, they believed. Where I did not see a way out, they opened a door for me. When the forces of life abandoned me, they gave me a breath of life and a hope and today I can say, full-mouth and full-throated, that thanks to God and all the love and commitment that they put into my process, I am a new man, dignified and sober. I can only thank these two professionals and extraordinary human beings for their dedication and responsible love towards each and every one of the people they accompany every day.