Oriel, Venezuela

By Tuesday November 20th, 2018testimonial

I’m Venezuelan, my name is ORIEL. I was born in a home of a dominant mother and absent parents. As a teenager I took refuge in drugs and excesses well into my 40s, being irresponsible with myself and other people, without my own identity and putting opinions and needs outside mine, of course, denying everything that came from inside me …

I entered the recovery program thanks to God and my friend Maritza who referred me to the program.

On November 24, 2009 I arrived in Miami voluntarily, full of resentments, broken dreams and false expectations. From then on, my life had a quantum leap thanks to the tools learned in the groups and the unconditional love offered by my colleagues that filled me with self-esteem, recognition of my abilities and strengths of spirit.

I learned to live one day at a time and to solve the problems of life one by one by doing the part that belongs to me and the rest I put into the hands of God. Today I can say that I live my life in peace and thanking for everything that happens to me, be it good or bad. My character flaws are there and they will always be there, the difference is that I learned to live with them.

My consequences I assume with all responsibility especially with my children. They are the only ones who noticed the difference. For the rest of my environment I am more crazy now than before.

Today I have almost 5 years clean, I have made most of my dreams, I recovered my family and I still have problems with the 4th commandment. However, much remains to be done to continue growing spiritually.

I can say with joy that I am no longer afraid. How beautiful is the recovery!