Maria Elisa

By Tuesday November 20th, 2018testimonial

Parents always have the feeling or perhaps a justified desire just to have perfect children. Only, as they grow, we realize that this desire for perfection or model child is only in our mind, because they are just little people with their own desire and worth to become older, independent, to form their own selves, to become individuals owners of their acts; in short, they are people like us, examples of the most rudimentary imperfection, from which we can only turn away by the immense mercy of God, my great and only Higher Power.

About seven years ago I experienced the painful experience of not having a perfect home, a perfect family, perfect children; and even bigger, when I realized or understood that I had not been a perfect mother, that I had not had a family of perfect origin either, on the contrary I came from a completely dysfunctional family. But I did not know it. And thanks to that blissful ignorance, I formed my own family full of learned patterns and behaviors, almost having a family as dysfunctional as the one I grew up in.

Today, I have to be grateful, because I had the opportunity to wake up, discover how you can live in sobriety, one day at a time, I discovered that there is hope and that you can have a better life and, above all, that I was not to blame . That not only the alcoholics and addicts of my life entered into a recovery program, but my family and I could be part of a planned recovery program. I learned that I should give preference only to things that are truly important, that I should let go and give them to God, for there are times in life when we are too confused to make prudent decisions. I learned that I should take advantage of and appreciate the best of my life and live it to the fullest, enjoying every moment and every good thing that comes my way; that I must live my own life alone and let others live theirs on their own terms. And the best of learning: to live only for today, to stop regretting the past and to fear the future, which is uncertain and sterile.

All this is not achieved alone, it is necessary to help. To thank Hugo Herrera and all his team, the beautiful and hard work that they develop in favor of sobriety, to help reach their patients and their families with serenity.