Equilibrium: Therapeutic Center in Miami

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Substance Abuse Disorders and Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in Miami, Florida, that offers services entirely in Spanish.

Clinical Director Luz Helena Llano, and Executive Director Hugo Herrera founded this therapeutic Center by combining more than forty years of experience at the Addictions Program at South Miami Hospital.


Nuestros Fundadores

Our goal is to help our patients connect with their potential by identifying and validating their feelings through a journey of self-discovery.

Our program offers a Hispanic cultural approach where the patient’s immediate family can participate in their recovery.

Our services

We offer personalized and integrated treatment to recover from Substance abuse disorders, Mental Health and Codependency

We are focused on three fundamental aspects to help recovery

Asistencia terapéutica, medica y psiquiátrica

Professional assistance

Our team is made up of licensed professionals and qualified therapists ready to assist patients and their families.
Additionally, we offer derivations to psychiatrists and medical doctors in case patients require assistance.


Our goal is to help our patients through their journey of self-discovery and guide them in the process of identifying emotions and positively regulating them.


At Equilibrium Therapeutic Center, we consider addiction as a chronic and progressive condition, not as a problem without a solution. We understand it affects every aspect of a person: body, mind, emotions, spirit. Therefore, requires a holistic approach.



When someone is emotionally unstable and codependent, their entire family is affected. That being the case, we firmly hold the importance of educating patients and their families about their condition and offering tools to improve their relationship. We encourage families to work on their feelings to support their loved one’s journey and recovery better. It’s easier for patients to remain sober when they have healthy and stable relationships with their family members. At Equilibrium, we strive to support not only the patient but their families.

The moment is now, and Equilibrium is the place

The program is an in-person program from Monday to Friday, 9 am-4 pm


What our patients are saying

Maria Elisa
I want to thank Hugo Herrera and his entire team for the beautiful and hard work they did to help people overcome addictions and help patients and their families to be at peace.
We got our son back. He has been sober for five years and eight months with no relapses. Today we have a happy human being who smiles and helps others.
Jose Antonio
I can only be thankful to these two outstanding professionals and extraordinary human beings for their dedication, commitment, and love for every person they encounter daily.
Equipo de profesionales


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