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Equilibrium is the only private Spanish language recovery center in South Florida dedicated to counseling and treating patients that suffer from addictions and mental health disorder. Our main focus is to guide our patients through the process of self discovery and assisting them through identifying and validating their feelings.


Rehabilitation Center for Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Disorders
Located in:
932 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Office Hours

Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: (305) 999-5251


Our staff of professionals at Equilibrium is comprised of seasoned qualified therapists, psychiatrists and a medical director that can properly assess and assist patients with their most eager and pressing questions and concerns.

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When a person suffers from emotional instability or substance abuse dependency , the patient’s entire family is negatively affected. Thus the reason, we focus on educating our patients in conjunction with their family members about these types of diseases and challenges and offer them tools to improve their family relations. One of the central keys we find in our approach is that the family work toward processing their feelings in a supportive way with the patient to better support their loved one during these challenging times. We find in our studies that a family that is supportive, can adequately help a patient sustain their challenges more effectively and in substance abuse cases help them have a greater success of staying sober over an extended period of time, leading them on the road to recovery.

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“Parents always have the feeling or perhaps a justified desire just to have perfect children. Only, as they grow older, we realize that this desire for perfection or model child is only in our mind, because they do not”

-Maria Elisa


At Equilibrium we conduct multiple sessions that involve group therapy and activities that offer our patients a comprehensive approach to treatment. In our sessions we include nutritional advice through a trained nutritionist that can help the patient on their road to recovery. What we have found in our experience is that during a patient’s battle with substance abuse or emotional instability, their overall physical health suffers, thus the reason why we offer this measure of care in our approach.

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