Father – Ecuador

By Tuesday November 20th, 2018testimonial

I am a family man who can only give grace to God, My Higher Power, for having put us on the path we currently have, where we meet Hugo and Luz. We do not live or reside in the USA nor in Miami; We are foreigners, South Americans and, therefore, possibly because of our idiosyncrasy, our family situation and more clearly, that of a family man, at least to me, seemed different and very hard. Our daughter, of legal age, young, intelligent, beautiful and with all the merits that she has and that she can have in the opinion of her parents, fell into the hands, better still, the clutches, of alcohol and drugs and all that it entails The personal and family situation became desperate, unsustainable and unlivable; We could hardly survive, and that, very badly. In short, our life was ungovernable and, what is worse, none of us could do anything to change and improve. God, my Higher Power, our Higher Power, with its designs and its will, made us have news and hopeful news, of options and real possibilities to overcome this situation. We were able to make contact with Hugo and Luz Helena, who have guided us initially and since then. His professional, technical and expert work, but above all human, sensitive, ethical and integral, allowed us to glimpse a very dim light at the beginning, more evident with the passing of days and bright today. The work has been hard, very hard at the beginning and, although it seems and sounds little real, very bearable when we understood the situation, we all got involved in the family and we worked together to improve the reality. We keep doing it, we do not lose heart and we try to support each other, each one in its lifeline. And the change is incredible and wonderful. This feeling of peace and tranquility is priceless. Having recovered my family is priceless. To overcome that ungovernable and unsustainable and unlivable life in a sensation that can not be cataloged with words but only felt.To know and recognize My Higher Power, to obtain Serenity, to improve my defects of character, to share things in common, to achieve peace and everything we have achieved so far, is a new and wonderful world, unknown and comforting. Always and at all times I will, we will be grateful to Luz Helena and Hugo, who began to make tangible this, guided us, guided us, gave us security and made us know that there are valid and real options for improvement and constant improvement, even in situations desperate like ours. And, what is even better, they are always at hand and are always available. A God pays them is short, but they will know how to appreciate and appreciate it.