Integrated treatments for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders for patients and their families.


Our therapeutic approach combines different techniques and individual and group sessions in a nurturing and serene environment ideal for recovery. We take care of patients at a physical, mental, and spiritual level so they can achieve a state of well-being and emotional stability.


We value the principles of the Twelve-Step and Twelve Traditions Program, including abstinence from alcohol and drugs, the willingness to change behaviors, and the support from peers in sobriety.
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Why Equilibrium?


We provide the highest quality services, offering a kind and understanding atmosphere for every one of our patients and their families.


Our admission process at Equilibrium includes an initial assessment to address the individual's condition and needs.


Experienced professionals in Substance Abuse disorders and Mental Health treatment and rehabilitation.


Personalized programs offered entirely in Spanish. We work with patients and their families.


We work in small groups.


Patients' and their families' privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Proceso de admisión

Admission Process

At Equilibrium Therapeutic Center, we offer a comprehensive admissions process that includes an initial evaluation to assess the patient’s condition and needs. We consider everything to provide the highest quality service with kindness and understanding for patients and their families every step of the way.

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