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Tratamiento alcoholismo

What it is about?

Alcohol dependency is a chronic and progressive disease in which the individual develops a dependence on alcohol by drinking excessively. Even when fully aware of the negative physical, psychological, and social consequences, the person continues to drink in dangerous situations, risking their lives and affecting their daily functioning.


This addiction presents overwhelming withdrawal symptoms that lead the individual to drink more to mitigate them.

Every step of this disease is treatable

It is necessary to integrate a comprehensive and integrated plan. Our professional and caring team at Equilibrium supports patients and family members every step of the way.


Seeking treatment can be intimidating and challenging, but it’s a crucial life decision. To overcome an alcohol addiction, our professional and supportive team at Equilibrium supports patients and family members every step of the way.


Our program includes the following dynamics




Actividades y conferencias

Activities and conferences




What our patients are saying

Maria Elisa
I want to thank Hugo Herrera and his entire team for the beautiful and hard work they did to help people overcome addictions and help patients and their families to be at peace.
We got our son back. He has been sober for five years and eight months with no relapses. Today we have a happy human being who smiles and helps others.
Jose Antonio
I can only be thankful to these two outstanding professionals and extraordinary human beings for their dedication, commitment, and love for every person they encounter daily.

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