Treatment Center in Miami, Florida for people with depression


What it is about?

Depression is a chronic mental disease that affects every aspect of an individual’s life and relationships. Genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors contribute to this condition, characterized by sadness, loss of interest, and behavioral change. It can also cause changes in sleep patterns, appetite, and energy levels.

Assistance and integrated treatment for patients with depression

At Equilibrium Therapeutic Center, we are committed to guiding our patients and their families in each step of the process, with the aim of achieving a definitive transformation to life without disorders.


Our program includes the following dynamics




Actividades y conferencias

Activities and conferences




What our patients are saying

Maria Elisa
I want to thank Hugo Herrera and his entire team for the beautiful and hard work they did to help people overcome addictions and help patients and their families to be at peace.
We got our son back. He has been sober for five years and eight months with no relapses. Today we have a happy human being who smiles and helps others.
Jose Antonio
I can only be thankful to these two outstanding professionals and extraordinary human beings for their dedication, commitment, and love for every person they encounter daily.

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